Let's meet

Foliumize's founding team.

Katharine & Romain Foliumize holding trees arbres dans les bras foliumize vert green

Katharina Paris

Romain Rouyer



Passionate about outdoor sports such as diving or hiking, as well as photography and painting, Katharina enjoys spending time in nature!


After 7 years of experience in the financial industry in Luxembourg, Katharina decided to discover the world. During this long journey alternating tourism and volunteering in permaculture and reforestation projects, she witnessed the damage humanity is causing to the planet.


In addition, this adventure will be an opportunity to question her actions and personal impacts, which today leads her to create Foliumize.


The objective is to live in harmony with her personal values ​​of transparency, honesty and respect for nature and her professional activity.


Foliumize is therefore the expression of the desire for change both personally and in the world by proposing an ethical, social and respectful way of consuming.

After living in Scotland and Luxembourg, where he most recently worked as a risk manager, he expressed a desire to slow down to go back to the essential.

His analysis, which previously enabled him to measure uncertainty and therefore risks, now leaves room for actions with positive ecological and social impacts. Similar methods but for different results.

Trying to best apply the popular adage mentioning that one must embody the change that one would like to see in the world, Romain commits in this direction and with this willingness.

Finding his balance in various occupations such as improvisation theater, hiking or even using humor to play down a situation, he is naturally curious. Indeed, Romain likes to be on the lookout and discover new music, concepts and experiences, but above all to find links between subjects which do not a priori have one.

He seeks not to develop encyclopedic knowledge, but more a way to be able to transpose transversal knowledge from one particular domain to another.


The Foliumize adventure is one example.