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Conservation of an indigenous forest

at the heart of

South Africa

Why is Foliumize partnering with Pachamama?



   Non-profit organization.

Trees are planted purely for ecological purposes, with no future financial benefit (no felling or selling of timber, no fruit harvest).   

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Local Community

Trees are planted by hand by a local team.

The aim is to be able to employ and raise awareness of local communities, towards ecological issues around reforestation.

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The Pachamama team has proven its effectiveness by clearing half a hectare of invasive species, and by planting 2,000 trees between January and September 2020.

Image by Lucinda Pouw


Knysna Forest is home to many endangered species:

elephants, leopards, snakes, dwarf chameleons, various insects such as bees, or even birds (Knysna Loerie).

Growing Plants

20 species

   Over 20 different native species have been replanted. The variety of species is essential for soil restoration, preservation of water resources and biodiversity.   

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   A nursery is available on-site allowing quality control and immediate availability of the different species to be planted.   

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Pachamama is located in South Africa, on the edge of the Garden Route National Park, which protects both fauna and flora such as Fynbos and native trees that are over 600 years old.

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   Pachamama is also a place of knowledge sharing.

Training sessions are organized on-site each year on topics such as permaculture, reforestation, or eco-construction.   

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   Discover Pachamama's commitment to restoring of soil, forests and biodiversity explained by Chris Nash, the leader of the forest restoration project:.


Meet the Pachamama team

Chris Nash Pachamama Forest Restoration



Manager of the forest

restoration project &

Founder of Bioharmonic (Nursery).


Full-time resident of Pachamama.

Werner Avontuur Pachamama Forest Restoration

Werner Avontuur

Beekeeper & Forestry expert with more than 20 years of experience.


Important member of the local community.


Forest restoration by Pachamama

Team planting a seedling

Team planting a seedling

Yellow-wood freshly planted

Yellow-wood freshly planted

Yellow-wood planted on the reforestation site.

Knysna Loerie

Knysna Loerie

showing biodiversity at Pachamama thanks to the forest restoration project and border with the national parc

Forest resotration site - Landscape

Forest resotration site - Landscape

Landscape view of the forest restoration site at Pachamama

Freshsly planted seedling being mulched

Freshsly planted seedling being mulched

Team member mulching a freshly planted tree

Keurboom nursery

Keurboom nursery

lots of little keurbooms in their nursery waiting to be planted

Team member reforesting

Team member reforesting

Team member building the water catchment around a freshly planted tree seedling



Sunbird resting in a tree. A beautiful example of biodiversity at Pachamama forest restoration and reforestation project

aerial view from freshly planted seedling

aerial view from freshly planted seedling

Freshly planted seedling

seedling ready to be planted

seedling ready to be planted

Seedling ready to be planted

Foliumize is actively working on other partnerships

to onboard more projects with an ecological and social mission.

If you are a potential partner, please do not hesitate to contact us!