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 Their mission? 


To raise awareness about the degrading state of the environment, rivers, seas and oceans. These messages and actions concerns all of us but are particularly aiming at younger generations. 


* By carrying out awareness campaigns in schools;

* By organizing beach cleaning;

* By speaking during debates or conferences.

Why Foliumize is working with the artist Varoc in favor of Project Rescue Ocean ©  ?

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Their DNA: action!

Their slogan: “ Less talk, more actions. "

A positive message showing that every gesture counts and that any occasion is good to raise awareness around ecological values.


Ecological and civic commitment

Project Ocean Rescue brings together eco-citizens from around the world who have at heart the protection of the seas, oceans and their coasts ... but also of our common future.

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A network of eco-citizens


A growing community of ambassadors across France and the presence of branches on a global scale.

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Raise awareness


A program developed for children aged 8-10, translated into 5 languages, is offered to schools around the world.

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In 2020 in France:

  • 46 decontamination operations

  • 61 tonnes of waste collected

  • More than 2000 children sensitized  

Teams of volunteers across France and worldwide

12 branches in France

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17 branches abroad

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The actions of Project Rescue Ocean © in videos:

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The sources of the information presented by Foliumize come from the public data of Project Rescue Ocean ©. Logos and media are the property of Project Rescue Ocean ©

Varoc commits to Project Ocean Rescue ©