La Maison des Belettes is a book only availablein French !


It is a magnificent book written and illustrated by Nathalie Fougeras.


The illustrations, made in black ink, are artworks that pushes the reader to turn the pages of this novel, only to discover the next drawing.


For each book purchased, 27 m2 of French nature are transformed into Wildlife Reserves® by the ASPAS (the association for the protection of wild animals).


Fourth cover :

“The House of Weasels is a discreet hut attached to the hillside, a viewpoint perched on the border between the world of men and that of Nature. A watchtower, with a view of the dead end at the bottom of which our breathless civilization turns desperately in circles, but also an observatory on a wild Nature with original wisdom, which perhaps knows a way out. "


When she settles in the house of the Weasels, this modern young woman, in search of a small corner of nature close to the city, does not yet imagine the path on which she is heading. Far from responding only to her needs, the House of Weasels will shake up her convictions and lead her to question our relationship with wild nature. Is the place we occupy there ultimately what we imagined?


Through a real manifesto, at the same time an intimate, poetic and graphic story, Nathalie Fougeras - painter, author, botanist and passionate naturalist - poses a benevolent gaze of uncompromising lucidity on our world.


A new point of view on what is called, a little too conveniently, ecology.

La Maison des Belettes

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