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The Cape Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus capensis) is endemic to South Africa. The reduction of its habitat and of its breeding grounds has endangered this specie. By paying tribute to this animal, the artist Chris Auret wanted to recall that beyond the bad press of bats in these times of the COVID-19 epidemic, human intervention leading to the reduction of their habitats threatens them.


This art piece is painted by Chris Auret, a South African painter committed to safeguarding the biodiversity of his country.



This artwork funds:


1. forest restoration of 0.5m2 through the clearing of invasive plant species and the protection of local biodiversity;

2. the planting of a native tree seedling at on the border of the Garden Route National Park in South Africa;

3. the creation of paid employment for the local community (one full-time job for every 2,000 trees).



There are 3 types of printmaking to choose from:


- High quality Hahnemühle 200g / m2 paper.

- High quality Hahnemühle 200g / m2 paper, framed by hand, and made to measure by our supplier in Germany. Frames characteristics are : black wooden and museum Plexiglas glass.

- Canvas print, stretched by hand over a 2.5mm thick wooden frame.



If you opt for the unframed Hahnemühle print, please note that the Hahnemühle paper is not varnished (for ecological and aesthetic reasons). Therefore, it must be handled with great care so as not to cause micro-scratches during its unpacking or installation.


If you opt for the framed print, please note that framing adds approximately 3 cm to the width and height of the product (see Size and Format section).


If you opt for the canvas reproduction, please note that the edges of the canvas will be white and plain.



All prints are made by our professional partner, based in Germany, who uses a Fine Art technique with environmentally friendly inks (without solvents). The Fine Art technique uses 12 high definition colors (compared to 4 for a "classic" print).



You can find more information on what Foliumize calls an art print here.


If you have any further questions, please read our FAQ, and if necessary contact us by email!

Cape Horseshoe Bat

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  • In order to avoid costly and polluting transportation of artworks across the planet, artists provide Foliumize with digital files of their art.


    The reproductions are printed in Germany by a professional printer who controls each print by hand, guaranteeing a very high quality standard, equivalent to an art reproduction purchased at a museum.