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Foliumize pou L'union du 3 mai 2021 - Vitry le Francois : La start-up éco-responsable

The idea of this eco-responsible start-up comes from an adventure in Africa.

The newspaper L'Union from Vitry-le-François, published a nice article about Foliumize on Monday 3rd, May 2021.  

Below is a summary of the article's key points : 

  • Foliumize is a responsible start-up founded by Katharina Paris and Romain Rouyer. Its goal : "developing tools to support ecological and socially respectful projects".

  • The initiative was born out of a twist of fate. While participating in the restoration of a primary forest, the project leaders remained stranded for seven months in the forest of Knysna, in South Africa, because of the first lockdown;

  • In a nutshell, the start-up sells reproductions of artworks, made by partner artists, committed to nature, to finance reforestation projects.

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Preserve, Develop, Transmit.

The 26th edition of Mag Neoma offers insights in the issues and challenges of South Africa.

South Africa in a few figures :

  • The largest African stock exchange (17th worldwide);

  • Unemployment rates between 30.8% and 43.1%;

  • The 6th country in the world in terms of biodiversity (fauna & flora combined).

It is therefore obvious that South African biodiversity is an "asset for the development of a greener economy." Which Foliumize is clearly committed to through its partnership with Pachamama Forest Restoration Project. Our common goal: "to restore the soil and the original biodiversity of the forest."

Foliumize wants to "create a connection between a purchase, an ecological necessity and a social issue".

What we stand for at Foliumize