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  • Romain

Our first steps: Foliumize begins its adventure

What a strange feeling to go public, to unveil this project which has matured in this form (or others) for 2 years.

Our mission is to provide a source of funding to:

  • protect, expand or create forests;

  • fight against invasive plant species;

  • allow biodiversity to flourish;

  • restore or protect the natural ecosystems services provided by the forest;

  • to remunerate actors working for these causes, who are often acting in the shadow and who are aiming at rebalancing disturbances caused by human action.

We are starting this project with all our heart, our desire to do well and the requirement to act in a way that we feel is right.

Power of inspiration

"We believe in the power of inspiration and sharing. Just as we have been inspired by the places we have visited and the people who bring them to life, we aspire to share and give back what we have received. "

The inspiration that we can change, take, or even take back, our personal destiny in hand and follow our intuition into what we imagine being better for ourselves and others.

But this story also means putting our work back on the job many times. To question, to dare, to doubt, to step back, to advance, to fight, to debate. Follow our intuition which leads us to quit our jobs to embark on the unknown.

To sum up by paraphrasing Edison, this adventure is 1% inspiration and 99% sweat! And most of the time with a smile.

Change is often a story of encounters, sometimes of opportunities, but always a human adventure. It is in this adventure centred on people and nature that we want you to embark with us.

This project is also yours, you who support us or discover us, and also that of the artists and enthusiasts who fight for the restoration of forests.

That's it, we're in the deepwater now, we sail away from the coast.

Now this adventure begins... Thank you for being by our side.

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