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«Making Peace with Nature is the Defining Task of the 21st century»

António Guterres - United Nations Secretary-General - 2 December 2020

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There are times when summary and paraphrasing do not do justice to what is said.

The United Nations Secretary General's report on the alarming state of our planet is unequivocal. This speech, which you will find in a few lines, is fundamental, because it depicts the current state of the planet and challenges to come.

In this speech, the juxtaposition of the COVID-19 epidemic with observations such as loss of biodiversity, deforestation, climate change and their funereal procession of consequences, is indicative of the state of emergency in which we find ourselves. all. Which leads the United Nations Secretary General to deduce that: "Recovering from COVID-19 and repairing our planet must be two sides of the same coin."

Urgency to act at our own level, at our own pace, is more necessary than ever. Understanding the consequence of our actions and realizing that we can undo what was started before us.

Acting ? Perhaps we have heard too much you will tell me? And you're right. But that’s the pity. The worst is never certain, but now it begins to become more than likely. And it's not just us saying it.

Alarming findings

Here is the full speech of António Guterres, the UN Secretary-General on December 2, 2020 at Columbia University in New York. For the full transcription is here.

Based on this long and edifying observation, two solutions seem to emerge: to act or to ignore.

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Discover our mission and our story.

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