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7 reasons to link art with environmental challenges and biodiversity conservation

1. Nature inspires us, let us be inspired by it !

At Foliumize, we believe in the power of the artistic message. What's more authentic and inspiring that testimonies of artists for whom nature is essential in their creative process.

Through their artworks, they transmit their connections, their wonderment while experiencing fauna, flora and landscapes, which all move them emotionally. Foliumize partners with artists inspired by nature both spiritually and creatively.

Peintre dans la forêt

This privileged relationship with nature belongs to all of us, but is gradually withering away. Many have lost the taste for long walks in the forest, the pleasure of watching a woodpecker hitting a tree, the furtive joy when one sees a deer at the bend of a path.

Art help us trigger the spark that will push us to find this missing link. Art motivates us to share nature's beauty and to inspire the highest number.

2. Art sends a positive message

Art mainly benefits from popular support, from the sympathy capital of passing messages otherwise perceived as negative. Of course, everyone is receptive to different art forms, for some cinema will be essential when others are more sensitive to literature and still others to music or photography.

But no one would want to live in a world lacking any art form whatsoever.

Foliumize uses artworks to convey the wonderment created by nature and its biodiversity. Thus, we bet on positive emotions to encourage action to face environmental issues, rather than the alarmist and guilt-ridden messages usually used.

3. Art is a great topic for discussing, sharing and disseminating ideas

Who has never been questioned about the origin of an artwork exhibited at their home?

It is by telling the story behind this painting, this art print or this photo that we can send a positive and differentiating message.

Confess that this work has helped the realization of environmental projects, that it represents an animal species that has disappeared or is in the process of disappearing ... certainly arouses exchange, fuels debate and raises awareness.


" Art makes it possible to illustrate and thus to feel what together we wish to preserve: nature in its (bio)diversity."


4. Art speaks to your heart

The power of the artistic message lies in its ability to generate strong emotions for the viewer.

For instance, by highlighting this work that pays tribute to pangolins, Foliumize and artist Chris Auret wanted to remind people that beyond the bad press of pangolins in these times of the COVID-19 epidemic, they are threatened animals, victims of human activity.

5. Art's consumption can easily be made eco-responsible

  • As opposed to the soaring numbers of T-shirts and wristbands, on sale for a good cause, but which are often bought, used and then thrown away, the purchase of an artwork is a thoughtful act. The majority of Foliumize customers buys a single work that they will keep for a long time. Art is thus opposed to fast fashion and compulsive shopping.

Fast-Fashion, noyé sous les vêtements

  • At Foliumize, we sell art prints, because these are eco-designed goods: (1) papers and canvases are FSC certified; (2) inks do not contain any chemical solvent and (3) the artwork is printed locally, as close as possible to the consumer (to limit pollution and nuisances linked to transport).

6. Selecting committed artists to increase the impact of the message

Involving committed artists in the process of raising awareness of environmental issues helps to gain authenticity and visibility thanks to their artworks.

For example, Chris Auret, a talented South African artist pays tribute, in this artwork, to the diversity of the flora and fauna of his country, thanks to his style which transcribes the energy of this magnificent country.

7. Art arouses the fear of losing living beings

Realizing that the subject portrayed by a painting or a photography could soon disappear or have already disappeared is worth long speeches.

Sauver la biodiversité, les gorilles

We experience in our daily lives a feeling that is named FOMO, the fear of missing out. This anxiety, often increased by the use of technology, relates to the fear of missing news or an event. By analogy, it can be applied to the loss of biodiversity.

Wouldn't we feel a fear of lacking something if in the course of our lives, during our walks, or on our way to work, we were meeting no or very few birds, plants or trees... We often take them for granted. Would our walks have been the same if we had not encountered these other living beings? What would happen if they were to disappear?

From this fear, the desire for preservation can be born.


For all these reasons, Foliumize has chosen to partner with committed artists! 


" The strength of the artistic message: transmitting an emotion that allows individual and collective awareness of environmental issues and the loss of biodiversity."


Discover the works that finance the restoration of a natural & indigenous forest!

Foliumize : Re-enchant your world & the planet

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