Green and Purple Succulents



Action & Commitment

Selecting local initiatives around the world with the aim of linking sales of artworks, made by local artists, with funding for forest restoration programs, for preserving biodiversity or coastal protection.


Highlighting projects which are promoting a holistic approach bringing together the involvement of local communities, the preservation of biodiversity and the restoration of ecosystems (soil, water table, fire resilience, etc.).

Pelle Shovel Foliumize

"Unveiling initiatives that reconcile ecological, economic and social dimensions"


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An authentic approach that results from personal experiences and encounters, resulting in a change of life. The spark came when we got stranded in South Africa during the COVID-19 crisis and lived for 7 months in the Knysna Forest.

Demonstrating that it is possible to create a company that knows how to use management tools wisely in order to support environmentally and socially respectful projects. From an entrepreneurial point of view, there is no need to reinvent the wheel at all levels, let's use what serves us, adapt it and reject the practices that move humans and nature off the board. 


Believing in the flexibility, availability and efficiency of a small structure. We all have a certain perception of big names and labels, and sometimes they are not  synonymous with authenticity. Often, they lose in authenticity what they gain in communication, this is called greenwashing. Everyone will be able to judge this in the light of their own experience.

"We believe it is legitimate for tree planters to be able to make a living from their work. Especially as it is an essential activity to our common future."

Our expectations

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We are launching this project with the following requirements:


  • Giving you the power to participate in the renaissance of forests while guaranteeing fair remuneration for local actors. 


  • Offering you the opportunity to discover local artists inspired by nature.

  • Performing regular and rigorous monitoring of selected programs.

  • Prospecting new programs that fit our standards. 

  • Allowing the transparency of our accounts and our actions.

  • Sharing information and testimonials that presents another perspective on subjects such as biodiversity, reforestation, ecosystems ...

"Nature inspires us, let it inspire us back!"

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We believe in the power of the artistic message.


What could be more authentic and inspiring than the testimony of artists for whom nature is essential in their creative processes ?

This privileged relationship with nature belongs to us all but is gradually withering away. Let's reconnect to nature through your commitment, let's share these values and let's act so that you can inspire many people.

Nature inspires us, let it inspire us back!

These painting reproductions are a daily reminder inviting us to keep sight of who we are and of the values we stand for.

Image by gryffyn m



  • Based on our experience, we are convinced, that it is right to plant a tree respectfully and to decently pay the local actors ensuring its safeguard.

  • We believe that a tree is much more than a Co2 figure, and that its destiny is not to be felled. Therefore, we do not partner with the intensive agro-forestry industry.


  • We all have an intimate relationship with nature and we want to rekindle this often lost relationship.


  • We want to offer future generations the possibility of being able to enjoy nature, to be inspired and to continue to marvel at it.