" Foliumize was born when winitially committed for a 3-week volunteering program, but COVID-19 stranded us for 7 months in the Knysna forest in South Africa. That's where we actively helped to plant more than 2,000 native trees.  "  

The Foliumize adventure matured since March 2020, when we joined as volunteers the non-profit Pachamama Forest Restoration project in South Africa. 


Foliumize germinated thanks to the active participation, amongst others, in : the fight against invasive plant species, the rehabilitation by hand of the land intended to receive future plants, the planting of the seedlings and the automation of a financial and accounting system.

“At the end of 2018, we were quitting our jobs

with the desire to take a step back. this long journey allowed us to change ”

Foliumize was also nourished by our two years of travel, reflection and experimentation. Indeed, at the end of 2018, we left our finance jobs in Luxembourg. Since then, we had the chance to appreciate the richness of the cultural, geographical and culinary diversity of our planet. Unfortunately, we could also witness the alarming state of our planet.

While travelling, we received testimonies from locals about the degradation of ecosystems and saw many threatened landscapes. From these moments, we became aware of the need to act. "  


Chile and Bolivia

Stories from the inhabitants of the Atacama Desert in Chile or the Salar d'Uyuni in Bolivia, warning about the mining industries using the millennial groundwater to clean the extracted lithium.

We could not remain indifferent.

These various examples and testimonies have a common denominator: this feeling of degradation and irreversible loss. From now on, we want to act, raise awareness and unite as many people as possible around conservation projects.

Let's act


Katharina Romain Foliumize holding trees arbres couple