Les mains dans le sol

Eco-friendly art benefiting biodiversity.


 Cultural objects


 High  impact

A space where You can discover, committed artists and the NGOs where they are active.

Sale of durable and high quality cultural objects (artworks reproductions, books, etc).

Ecology is at the center of the  proposed objects' design and at the origin of Foliumize.

Thanks to You , the pursuit of projects with positive ecological and / or social impacts becomes possible.

“Design your interior with objects and artists that are in harmony with your values.”

* free delivery for books only applicable to france.

Free Standard delivery for artwork reproductions to the following countries:

France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, UK, Spain and Italy

Each eco-designed cultural object that You choose will finance actions led by an NGO and pays the artist involved in this project.

For example, each artwork reproduction by Chris Auret directly funds the forest restoration project he is involved in (while also remunerating him).


Foliumize, how does it work?

These projects have been specially selected by Foliumize ,

for their ecological and social impact.

The artists are personally involved in the projects and

share with you what they want to preserve.



between your environmental convictions, the life cycle of our products and actions.

No greenwashing.


An equivalent price ...

Our prices are equivalent to those of similar quality reproductions (Hahnemühle paper / Fine Art printing / delivery) sold online.


... with a fair sharing of income.


Foliumize chooses to fairly share income to allow fair remuneration of the partnering NGOs.




supports and prints to ensure maximum durability.




Printing as close to you as possible with solvent-free inks and on paper made from wood fibers from FSC © certified forests (Forest Stewardship Council)

* Free standard delivery to the following countries: France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, UK, Spain and Italy.

Any further questions ?

We invite you to discover Foliumize's values and commitments through this video.

What we stand for at Foliumize


['folioumaiz]: verb (Lat. folium - leaf, foliage; Eng. suffix ize - to become)

1. Action consisting in fostering initiatives that respect nature and its biodiversity as well as the well-being of present and future generations. Figuratively.

2. Action supporting the foliage growth of a tree or a plant.

What we stand for at Foliumize

We invite you to discover Foliumize's values and commitments through this video.

What we do not support

  • Fast-fashion: a large collection of objects without ecological and social considerations,  produced at low costs and sold at low prices.

  • Greenwashing and its outrageous drifts.

  • Funding of trees intended to be felled

  • Monoculture or bi-culture 

  • Use of chemical pesticides 

  • Plantation of non-endemic species