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Association for wildlife protection  

Created by the ASPAS, the Wildlife Reserves® are sanctuaries where nature can express itself fully and freely.
This label corresponds to the highest level of nature protection in France. The land acquired is left to freely evolve. 
Therefore, human activities are strictly limited to hiking on designated paths.

Why is Foliumize to support the ASPAS in the creation of Wildlife Reserves ® ?



ASPAS is a 100% independent association.

Indeed, it has chosen to refuse any public subsidy in order to preserve its autonomy and freedom of action.

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Free Evolution

ASPAS enforces the concept of free evolution on all its Wildlife Reserves, based on the assumption that nature does not necessarily need humans to express itself, to live, to manage itself ...


In nature, species regulate themselves, according to the abundance of food and according to environmental conditions.


Moreover, it is by allowing free evolution to work out that it is possible to envisage returning of old forests, the latter having massively disappeared from French territory.   

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ASPAS has writen a clear charter, (available only in French), defining the issues and the rules of the Wildlife Reserves®.


It is a guarantee that commitments are the same for all the Reserves, all over France, and that strict controls are in place.

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ASPAS has already purchased and created 5 Wildlife Rserves® in France.

Totalling than 940 hectares, where nature has been able to take back its rights!

Wildlife Reserves ® in France :

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Videos of the Wild Life Reserves® :

Nathalie FOugeras is committed to ASPAS