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Nathalie Fougeras

is committed to supporting the creation of Wildlife Reserves® in France

Writer and Painter

Nathalie Fougeras is a French artist committed to the preservation of natural spaces and animals (domestic or wild).


She therefore wishes to finance the ASPAS (Association for the Protection of Wild Animals) and more precisely the creation of  Wildlife Reserves (Réserves de Vie Sauvage®) through the sales of her illustrated novel "La Maison des Belettes" (available only in French) and her ink-drawn cards.


These cards, taken from her self-illustrated book, poetically depict French flora and fauna. 

Daughter and granddaughter of artists, she discovers painting in the family studio. At 19, she moved to Paris for a few years to study art history. She has been painting and exhibiting since 2003.

Today, inspired by her over 20 years of naturalist and amateur botanist  experiences, her writing and painting work are a hymn to the beauty and the truth of Nature, an exhortation to protect her.

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